Cost Savings

The slightly higher acquisition costs of belled end fittings are offset several times over by their installation and operation economies. When it comes to fittings the installed cost is the only true measure of relative costs. These savings result from the following fabrication advantages (the labor savings estimates are in comparison to butt weld fittings in piping sizes larger than 2 NPS, are from a high volume shipbuilding pipe piece fabrication):
  1. Significantly less joint preparation time
  2. Lower joint preparation skill required
  3. No backing rings required
  4. High quality joints with lower welder skill requirements
  5. Reduced welding time (easier to weld)
  6. Small angular corrections can be accommodated with no degradation of joint quality
  7. Fittings can be cut out from piping fabrication errors and reused (5 to 10% fitting material savings) Almost zero rework from joint errors discovered during system pressure testing (5% installation labor savings and less schedule disruption)
  8. Fewer fluid turbulence, vibration and erosion issues in installed piping
  9. Easier inspection of weld quality and the possibility to visually verify weld size with a hand held gauge

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