Steel Ring & Compensation Ring

Weld Ring Ordering Guide

How to order a deck drain with a welding ring attached:

For a Steel Ring add “SR” to the end of the part number.
For a Compensation Ring add “CR” to the end of the part number.
For a Tri-metallic Ring add “MOD-3MET” to the end of the part number.

What are the differences between Steel Rings, Compensation Rings, and Tri-metallic Rings?

     To make the installation process easier, Bestweld can supply all wrought deck drains with the desired ring welded to the drain. Bestweld uses three different types of Deck Drain Rings. They are as follows: Tri-metallic Rings, Compensation Rings and Steel Rings. Tri-metallic rings are used for transitioning from a deck drain to an Aluminum deck; whereas Steel Rings are used for regular “Steel to Steel” welding in steel decks. Compensation Rings are like Steel Rings but are thicker and therefore designed to provide more strength.

What are Tri-metallic Rings?

     Tri-metallic marine bar (consisting of explosion bonded carbon steel, titanium and aluminum) are not susceptible to galvanic corrosion. Explosion bonded carbon steel/titanium/aluminum bar has been historically used to attach aluminum super-structures to steel hulls and is currently approved for use with counter measure wash-down nozzles and deck tie downs. Bestweld’s Copper-Nickel deck drains with aluminum rings significantly extend “life cycle” and minimize the number and variety of deck drains needed in supply inventories.

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