Product Line


(Seamless and/or Welded Pipe)

Bestweld produces pipe fittings, deck drains, and other machined items out of: Stainless Steels (304L, 316L, 321 and more…), Copper Nickels (70/30, 90/10, and more…), Carbon Steel, Titanium, and Aluminum (6061, 6063, and more).

-Long Radius 90’s & 45’s                             -TEE’s

-Short Radius 90’s                                        -Reducing TEE’s

-Concentric Reducers                                  -Eccentric Reducers

-Caps                                                            -Deck Drains

-Insert Flanges                                             -Couplings

-Socket Weld Unions                                   -Spin Flanges

Bestweld Specializes in Customer designed and Engineered Components.

Including but not limited to: Extra Long Tangent & Long Tangent fittings with Belled-Ends, Grooved Ends, and Plain Ends; along with Butt Weld fittings with Beveled Ends, and more.

**Quality Assurance I.A.W. MIL-I-45208A**

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