Socket Weld Unions

Light Weight Unions for Corrosive Piping Applications

Bestweld manufactures light weight stainless steel socket weld unions with Teflon seats. They have been used successfully in a variety of industries, from plastics companies to distilleries, to pharmaceuticals and paper companies. Light weight socket weld unions can be used in many low pressure corrosive piping applications.

Bestweld light weight socket weld unions are sometimes referred to as a “PW”.

Bestweld Light Weight Socket Weld Unions are similar in concept to the standard ground joint unions but have a replaceable Teflon seat and a cadmium plated nut. The ferrules are 304L or 316L stainless steel.

The time saved to fabricate Bestweld Light Weight Socket Weld Unions will create a considerable savings to the user at installation and provides an easy access point to the interior piping for cleaning.

Also, Bestweld Light Weight Socket Weld Unions can help you save money when expensive high nickel alloy pipe is being installed i.e. C-276 and Alloy 20. With a Bestweld Light Weight Socket Weld Union only the inner ferrule pieces must be made to the same material as the pipe. The plated nut can then be made out of less expensive carbon steel.

Drawings and dimensions are available by calling a sales associate.

Light Weight Socket Weld Unions by Bestweld – A Revolution in Pipe Connection Technology

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