Insert Flanges

Insert Flanges for Process Piping

Bestweld manufactures stainless steel and higher nickel alloy Insert Flanges (I.F.’s). These are the original I.F.’s that first became popular in the mid 1950’s. They have been successfully used in a variety of industries, including plastics companies, distilleries, pharmaceuticals and paper companies. Insert flanges can be used for almost all “150#” and “300#” process piping applications.

Insert Flanges are sometimes referred to as a T/D (taper design), roll-on, SIFCO or Speedline. The major benefit of these types of flanges is the ability to align the bolting holes with rotating flanges. There is no need for bolt hole orientation during installation and rework is practically eliminated.

Bestweld I.F.’s are similar in concept to the standard lap-joint and stub -end flange, but are superior in their service. Despite a slightly increased acquisition cost, contractors will see savings through time savings in the installation costs and fabrication process.

Also, Bestweld I.F.’s can help you save money when expensive high nickel alloy pipe is being installed (i.e. C-276 and Alloy 20). With an I.F., only the inner insert piece must be made to the same material as the pipe. The flange can then be made out of less expensive carbon or stainless steel.

Bestweld offers a variety of styles of I.F.’s for process piping such as expansion type, slip-on and socket-weld.

Drawings and dimensions are available by calling a sales associate

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