Maritime Industry – Shipbuilders Fittings

Maritime Industry – Shipbuilders Fittings

Maritime Industry

     For over 30 years, Bestweld has been providing Navy shipbuilders and the Maritime Industry with high quality, corrosion resistant, high pressure & high temperature fittings and deck drains. Bestweld is proud to be a long standing U.S. Navy Defense contractor. Our products contribute to the new construction and maintenance of Navy ships. Bestweld manufactures products that help Navy sailors successfully spread American values (Freedom and Democracy) across the world. Bestweld is a veteran owned and operated company that cares about the safety of our service men and women. We know the quality and dependability of our products directly contributes to sailors completing their assigned missions and returning home safely.

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Who is Bestweld?

Bestweld is a veteran owned and operated company located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Over the years, Bestweld has grown from just two employees when it was incorporated in the 80’s to over 40 employees as of March 2020. Bestweld found success in innovative pipe fitting solutions (like Belled-end fittings) and good old fashioned hard work. A main strength of Bestweld is our employees. We employ intelligent and motivated individuals who are ambitious, conscientious and possess a positive attitude. We are honest, fair, professional, and ambitious in our business dealings.

What does Bestweld do?

We provide cost effective pipe fitting solutions through focusing on safety, quality and performance. The quality and reliability of the products and services offered by Bestweld are maintained at levels consistent with our internal procedures and customer expectations. Our employees dedicate themselves to Bestweld’s quality assurance systems and resultant high level of quality and service. The management of Bestweld coordinates the administrative, marketing, production and quality assurance resources to ensure the attainment of our primary mission.

What can you expect from Bestweld?

Expect excellent quality, great service, and reliability you can depend on. Expect to be treated right, whether you’re a small mom and pop shop or a big corporation. Bestweld works with our suppliers and customers, as partners, and is continuously improving our products and services. We believe the delivery of high quality, superior products leads not only to the success of Bestweld but also to its business partners.

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