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Tangent Pipe Fittings by Bestweld

Tangent pipe fittings make process piping installations easier than conventional buttwelding pipe fittings.

Conventional buttwelding pipe fittings are dimensioned in accordance with ANSI B16.9. This specification governs the dimensions, tolerances and "end prep" for standard buttwelding fittings. Wrought pipe fittings formed from pipe, tube, sheet or plate in both carbon and alloy steels are usually made in accordance with this specification.

Tangent vs. Conventional Pipe Fittings

Tangent pipe fittings are in some ways the same and in some ways different than conventional buttwelding pipe fittings.

What is the same about tangent pipe fittings?

When manufactured, IAW ANSI B16.9, pipe fitting elbows can be LR (Long Radius) 1.5xDIA and SR (Short Radius) 1.0xDIA 90 degree and LR 45 degree. Tangent pipe fitting elbows can also be manufactured as LR and SR.

What is different about tangent pipe fittings?

The difference is that one end or both ends of the elbow has extra length added. This extra length is not welded on but actually formed integrally in the bending process. Typical tangent lengths are 2"+ but longer tangents are available.

Where should tangent pipe fittings be used?

Tangent pipe fitting elbows are easier to jig or fixture for welding because you are always welding straight to straight. Internal weld alignment rings (aka "backing rings") can only be used with tangent pipe fittings. Tangent pipe fitting ends can be flanged (slip-on) without fouling. It is common in process piping units for fittings to be in close proximity. With the longer tangent fittings some welds are eliminated.

In piping systems requiring radiographic examination, eliminating welds is very cost effective. In systems requiring high purity, the elimination of welds also eliminates areas highly susceptible to contamination. Tangent pipe fittings can be roller grooved (Sch. 5 and Sch. 10) or cut grooved (Sch. 40 and higher) for installation using mechanical couplings. Welding is totally eliminated in this application.

Tangent pipe fittings can be welded in place utilizing "slip over" sleeve couplings. This changes the welding type from buttwelding (higher skill required) to fillet welding (lower skill required). Good fillet welds can be made four to seven times faster than good buttwelds, fillet welds require less skill and are visually verifiable. Only radiograph can verify the integrity of a good buttweld.

In retrofit situations ANSI B16.9 dimensioned buttwelding fittings can be cut out and replaced with tangent pipe fittings. In many cases the pipe can be reused without dis-assembly.

Tangent Tees and Reducers

Tangent pipe fittings also are available as tees (equal and reducing) and reducers (concentric and eccentric). Like the tangent pipe elbows these components are shaped like ANSI B16.9 standard dimensioned pipe fittings but longer with tangents (straight portions) integrally formed into the fitting.

Bestweld Tangent pipe fittings are your best choice. Contact us for more information about Bestweld Tangent pipe fittings.

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