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Bestweld Mission Statement

The primary goal of Bestweld, Inc. (BWI) is to fulfill the expectations and requirements of all customers by providing quality products and services. The quality and reliability of the products and services offered by this company shall be maintained at levels consistent with our internal procedures and with customer expectations.

The management of this company is organized to coordinate the administrative, marketing, production and quality assurance resources whose work effects the attainment of our primary goal. Maintaining the desired quality while controlling associated costs and ensuring profitability is directly related to our commitment and responsibility to our customers.

Our employees are involved in, and dedicated to, the quality systems and resultant high level of quality and service we provide to our customers. They are instructed to ensure that this level of service is never compromised, regardless of other pressures that may exist within the day to day delivery of services.

With our commitment to quality, management will work with our suppliers and customers as partners to continuously improve our products and services.

Rod Bayard, President
October 3, 2002

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