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Deck Drains by Bestweld

Navy Deck Drains manufactured in accordance with Buships Dwg# 803-1385789 have traditionally been cast in bronze material. Our Navy’s strong interest in “Life Cycle” extension has created a demand for Deck Drains in alloys with higher resistance to salt water corrosion.

For the past five years Bestweld, Inc. has been the preferred supplier for “Wrought” CU/NI (90/10 + 70/30) and CRES (304L + 316L) Deck Drains. In all U.S. Navy “new” construction shipbuilding programs “wrought” copper-nickel and stainless steel drains have been installed, this includes the DDG, LPD17, CVN, and TAKE programs.

Porosity and “Tramp” elements are inherent to cast products. Shipbuilders for years had struggled with cracking problems during installation. Heat from the welding process brought out the porosity and many hours and dollars were wasted in cracked weld repair and removal and replacement of faulty drains.

Bestweld “wrought” drains are cold formed from plate, sheet, pipe or tube and can be easily welded directly into the deck. “Wrought” drains welded to “wrought” deck equals NO CRACKING. NONE. NOT EVEN ONE. Thousands of “wrought” drains have been installed successfully.

Cast drains are thick, heavy and bulky. Bestweld “wrought” drains are lighter in weight and help to reduce overall and “topside” weight.

And to make the installation process even easier Bestweld can supply all wrought drains with steel rings already attached. Many shipbuilders order drains this way for steel to steel welding. Two different rings are available. “Comp” (compensation) rings for strength decks and “Welding” rings for steel to steel welding.

Bestweld Deck Drains are manufactured with and without steel rings. Bestweld Deck Drains are available with and without valves and traps. Bestweld Deck Drains are supplied with plain outlet ends for buttwelding or welding using sleeves or with outlets with belled ends for fillet welding.

Bestweld Deck Drains are shipped assembled with “debris” shields in place to protect the inner areas from weld splash during installation.

Bestweld Deck Drains are Grade “A” Shock Test qualified and Hydro Test qualified.

When you choose Bestweld Deck Drains for New Construction, Retrofit and Repair and commercial offshore oil platforms you will receive Deck Drains of the highest quality, in alloys resistant to aggressive salt water corrosion that are lighter in weight, easier to install and can be configured to accommodate your application.

Deck drains are now available with Aluminum welding rings. Learn more here.

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