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Pipe Couplings by Bestweld

Buttwelding stainless steel and higher alloys is both an art and a science.

Today, many of our most experienced welders are retiring and their years of experience and expertise are leaving our industry. A shortage of qualified and experienced welders is the reality in our marketplace.

Automatic welding machines help to alleviate some of this problem.

Using pipe couplings also helps to ease this crisis. Bestweld pipe couplings are the most economical and cost effective choice.

“Slip over” pipe couplings, also called “welding sleeves” or “aligning connectors”, eliminate butt-welding and facilitate fillet welding. This “fillet” weld is the same weld that is typically used to join “socket welding” fittings, flanges and couplings and “slip-on” flanges.

A good “fillet” weld can be made four to seven times faster than a good butt weld. Nearly all pre-weld fit-up is eliminated. Wall mismatch and mis-alignment problems typical to buttwelding joints is totally eliminated with “slip over” pipe couplings. This weld requires less expertise to “fit” and less experience to weld - new welders can be trained more quickly.

Heavy (thick) cast or forged socket-weld pipe couplings are rigid. Bestweld pipe couplings are made from pipe or tube in a wall thickness that nearly matches the pipe to which they are joined. Testing has shown that Bestweld
pipe couplings are superior in fatigue. Less stress on the joint yields improved pipe system life cycle.

Pipe “Repair couplings” are a longer version of the standard coupling and are used in retrofit to bridge the gap created when removing damaged pipe or to connect piping fabrication that has been repaired/modified.

Closure repair couplings offer versatility in installation. Two different end configurations (buttweld/std. IPS x slip over) and extra length make these the preferred choice by many ship repairers. One end slips over the adjoining pipe and the other can be buttwelded or flanged or it can slip into a belled end fitting.

Adapter Couplings are used to transition from threaded to belled end (fillet weld) and are available in several different configurations; Belled end x MPT, Belled end x FPT and Belled end x buttweld.

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