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Butt Weld Close Tolerange Pipe Fittings by Bestweld

Brewers, chemical manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and computer chip manufacturers have piping system requirements that exceed the typical corrosion applications. Internal surface roughness, usually measured as RA or RMS, is critical to these applications. Pockets and crevices on the ID at the weld and gouges/scratches on other ID surface areas provide potential for contaminating opportunities. Wall mismatch and mis-alignment can also be troublesome. Pipe with wall thickness on the low side of the tolerance welded to fittings on the high side of the wall thickness tolerance (or the opposite) create additional places where contamination can occur. Automatic welding machines are useful in addressing these issues but their use in some ways complicates the situation.

By matching close tolerance pipe with close tolerance pipe fittings a superior ID surface at the weld can be achieved. Subsequently, Bestweld manufactures close tolerance butt weld pipe fittings specially designed to be easier to fit and easier to weld. By controlling ovality, angularity and wall thickness tolerances to a higher standard Bestweld "Brewery" Quality and "Pharmaceutical" Quality buttweld pipe fittings can be welded using automatic welding machines that deliver a superior ID surface. A narrower wall thickness tolerance (about 50% of the standard industrial tolerance) and a tighter roundness tolerance eliminates most of the wall mis-match issues. Most butt weld pipe elbows are formed over an internal mandrel. Bestweld utilizes a compression bending process that minimizes both back wall thinning and ID surface scratches. Bestweld uses ASTM A312 welded and seamless full finished minimum wall "Fitting Quality" pipe as starting material. Close attention to starting material requirement and proprietary bending, sizing and end finishing techniques help Bestweld deliver buttweld pipe fittings with consistent wall thickness, roundness (ovality) and squareness (angularity). Bestweld close tolerance butt weld pipe fittings have square cut ends, no ID chamfer or OD bevel. In light wall Sch. 5 and Sch. 10 these pipe fittings are typically fusion welded without filler metal. And in most applications these pipe fittings can easily be welded into service utilizing automatic welding machines.

Bestweld close tolerance butt weld pipe fittings are 100% inspected for surface ID imperfections, wall thickness, ovality and angularity. You can depend on Bestweld pipe fittings.

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