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Belled End Pipe Fittings by Bestweld

Belled end pipe fittings are EASIER to install than conventional buttwelding pipe fittings. Wrought socket welding belled end pipe fittings are joined with a standard fillet weld. The same weld would typically be used to join cast socket weld, forged socket weld or slip on fittings and flanges.

Belled End Features

  • Belled end pipe fittings can be welded four to seven times faster than the standard buttwelding fittings!
  • In most cases only one pass is needed to create a good fillet weld. In addition, nearly all the pre-weld end prep and fit up is eliminated with the belled end pipe fitting.
  • The wrought cold formed belled end pipe fitting eliminates the problems of misalignment and wall thickness mismatch that are inherent to buttwelded joints.
  • Less experienced welders can easily produce good fillet welds using belled end pipe fittings from Bestweld.

Belled End Specifications

Today, cold formed socket welding belled end pipe fittings are manufactured in accordance with Manufacturers Standardization Society - Standard Practice MSS SP119. Belled end pipe fittings IAW MSS SP119 (2003 -latest edition) are equal to ANSI B16.9 standard dimensioned buttwelding pipe fittings in Maximum Allowable Design Internal Pressures. Belled end pipe fittings and B16.9 buttwelding fittings are now code recognized as equal in burst allowances. Testing has proven that belled end pipe fittings are equal in burst and superior in fatigue. Formed from pipe with starting wall thicknesses very close to the actual pipe wall nominal thickness, the belled end pipe fitting when joined to pipe creates a flex continuum. With the belled end pipe fitting fillet joint installed in applications involving pipe flexing and vibrations a longer life cycle can be expected. Bestweld belled end pipe fittings are manufactured from full finished, annealed and pickled minimum wall welded and seamless pipe. The latest cold forming techniques are used to produce belled end pipe fittings of superior quality and reliability.

Belled End Alloys

Bestweld belled end pipe fittings are routinely produced and stocked in CRES - stainless steel alloys 304L, 316L, and 321, CUNI - copper nickel alloys 706 (90/10) and 715 (70/30), Titanium Cp Gr. 2, and aluminum. Belled end pipe fittings in other cold workable grades of stainless steels and higher nickel alloys are available as special order items.

Easier to prep, easier to fit and easier to weld, the Bestweld belled end pipe fitting is the most cost effective pipe fitting in our market place today!

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